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5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

No matter what type of business you run, at some point you’ll need something written. Whether it’s a blog, social media caption, product description, a web page or a brochure, you’ll have something to say and a decision to make about who is going to say it and how.


You may have an existing employee with a flair for the written word or you may decide to carve some time out of your working week and tackle it yourself. Here are 5 reasons you should consider hiring a freelance copywriter instead.


1. Not everyone can write


Anyone can write, right?


Well, yes...and no.


Many people can string a sentence together, sure. A few can even make it interesting but the percentage of people who can write well for a specific purpose and with a distinct audience in mind, is far smaller than you might think.


It’s a bit like running. Most people can do it. I might even be persuaded to run myself if I saw my train pulling away from the platform or I was being chased by a clown but that doesn’t mean I’m winning any marathons anytime soon. To be perfectly honest, some days, I couldn’t even guarantee I’d catch the train or escape the clown.


The fact Kevin in accounts writes haikus in his spare time doesn’t make him well placed to re-write the copy for your shiny new website. Neither does your ‘A’ grade at English GCSE (I’m showing my age there) mean that anyone besides your Nan will read your latest blog.


Hiring a freelance copywriter allows you to utilise their knowledge, skills and experience to get the job done properly, to a high standard and without putting any pressure on your employees or adding to your own workload. This leads me nicely onto the next point...


2. A freelance copywriter will save you time (and money)

Hiring a freelance copywriter saves you time. You don’t need to worry about writing your own blogs or coming up with fresh new ideas for your social media feed. You don’t have to spend hours writing product copy when you’ve got at least thirty-seven other things to be getting on with. Hiring a freelance copywriter lets you get on with doing the thing you do best: running your business.


Unlike employing an in-house writer (which is also an option if your business consistently needs a lot of copy), working with a freelancer saves you the time, energy and overall costs associated with employing a new member of staff.

3. A freelancer can offer fresh perspectives and ideas


If you’ve never worked with a freelancer before, you may worry that they won’t ‘get’ you or your business or that they won’t know enough about your field to be able to write about it. This is something freelance copywriters are very much used to. Research skills are a large part of the job and we’re adept at quickly acquainting ourselves with new fields, subjects and industries in a short space of time.


Additionally, this initial distance can actually often be a positive thing as it means that as an outsider we can offer a fresh perspective and ideas that someone inside the business might be too close to consider.

4. You can build an ongoing partnership

Having a good working relationship with a freelance copywriter means that when future projects come up or you need a one-off piece of writing, you don’t have to start from scratch finding the best person for the job.


Some freelance copywriters offer retainer packages, which guarantee you access to their time and skills for a set number of hours per week or per month, to suit your projected needs. Other freelance copywriters are happy to pick up projects last-minute or work to tight deadlines if required.

5. Using a dedicated freelance copywriter protects your brand

Revisiting reason number one on this list, sure, you could spread the writing needs of your business across several employees- doing bits here and there yourself and delegating when you find yourself too busy but having several different people writing your copy, blogs and social media is a risky strategy.


Hiring a freelance copywriter ensures that your brand tone of voice remains consistent as well as ensuring that your copy is always well-written and error-free. Think of it like this: you’re the expert when it comes to your business but a freelance writer is an expert in writing.

Get in touch

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that DIY copy is not the best solution to your writing needs and that hiring a freelance copywriter is the way forward for your business. If you’re still uncertain and would like to chat further or if you’re searching for the right freelancer, you can give me a call on 07841116012 or send your questions to hello@inkspell.co.uk.