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Ink Spell is One Today!

Ink Spell officially turns 1 year old today!


Yes, it’s been one whole year since I took the plunge, made my side hustle my main hustle and started my own copywriting business, Ink Spell!


Back then, I had no idea how my first year in business would look, I only knew that it was something I had to try and that I wanted to really give it my all. So, I stepped back from my part-time job in public libraries to concentrate on my freelance copywriting career not knowing if I’d regret it (or if I was mad to even be considering it, during a global pandemic and a recession!)


One year on, I want to reflect on how far I've come and celebrate the fact that not only is Ink Spell still in business but I’m busier than ever with lots of exciting things on the horizon!

Highlights from Ink Spell’s First Year

Highlights from my first year in business include:

Being nominated for the Rossendale Business Awards 2021

It was such a thrill to be nominated in the 2021 Rossendale Business Awards! The entry forms were an absolute eye-opener and as I filled them out, it was a fantastic opportunity to review how far Ink Spell had come in such a short space of time and what my business goals and ambitions were.

Making it to the finals of the Rossendale Business Awards

Even more exciting than being nominated for the Rossendale Business Awards, was discovering that Ink Spell made it to the finals! The awards evening in December was a fantastic celebration of all the local businesses who managed to overcome the challenges of the previous year and thrive in spite of them.


Even though I didn’t win in my category (‘Part-time business’) I was absolutely delighted to have made it to the final round and it was wonderful to have Ink Spell recognised and my hard work acknowledged.

The work

Something else I’ve loved this year has been testing my skills with new projects way outside my comfort zone and deep-diving into research in order to write knowledgeably about a whole array of different subjects from the HGV Driver Shortage to local construction projects and Romantic Things You Can Do With Jelly Beans to the UK’s Best Winter Nature Spotting Places.


A few of my other pieces that you might enjoy:


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Recycling and Sustainability at Ability Superstore


Other copywriting and content writing projects I’ve been involved in this year include:


Web Copy


Lead The Charge


Social Media


Marzipan Media


Tru Ninja


B&E Boys


Access 4 Lofts


Creative writing


In my own personal creative writing, I was shortlisted for the Penguin Michael Joseph Christmas Love Story competition.

My clients

Of course, one of the best bits of starting my own copywriting business has been meeting potential new clients. Alas, this has still been mainly over Zoom and  I’ve yet to meet some of my clients in person but hopefully, it won’t be long before that changes and we can catch up over coffee!

The feedback

One of the best parts of being a freelance copywriter is receiving positive feedback when a client is happy with a piece of work. There’s nothing quite like really nailing a brief and handing over a project that both you and your client can be proud of.

What Does the Future Hold for Ink Spell?

After a quiet period and some time away from my laptop over Christmas and New Year, I’m pleased to say that I’m now busier than ever with lots of exciting projects on the horizon.


For Ink Spell’s second year, one of my aims is to really hone in on what I do best and offer this to my clients. As a freelance copywriter, you have to be adaptable and be comfortable turning your hand to whatever your clients’ need. However, as I grow as a copywriter, I’m getting to know where my strengths lie and that’s where I can offer the best value to my clients and where I can achieve the most satisfaction from my work.


Moving forward, Ink Spell will still offer a full range of copywriting and content writing services but I’ll be focusing more of my energies and attention on blogging and creative writing.


If you need high quality, relevant blogs for your business or you’re looking to work with a ghostwriter for a project, I’d love to hear from you.


You can get in touch via the Ink Spell website or drop me a line at rebecca@inkspell.co.uk and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.